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supervised visitation

What are Supervised Visitations?

Supervised Visitations is a program between a parent and child held at a neutral location. Supervised visitations are closely monitored by staff who may intervene when necessary to ensure appropriate parent/child interactions. Tehachapi Wellness Center provides on-site supervised visitations only.

How do I arrange for this service?

The custodial and non-custodial parent will call TWC to arrange for an intake appointment. During the intake, each parent will complete a set of forms and will be provided with a complete explanation of the rules for the procedure.

What is the job of the Supervised Visitation Provider?

A Supervised Visitation Monitor is there to make every effort to keep your child safe and support the child in enjoying the visit with the supervised parent. The supervised visitation monitor will be present at all times during the visit, listen to what is being said, and pay

close attention to the child's behavior.

What is the cost?

$100.00 Intake fee (fee pays for custodial and non-custodial intake fee)

A sliding scale is available for qualified families ($60.00 - $100.00) per hour

To both parents

Supervised Visitations can be difficult and uncomfortable at times. Often there are hurt and angry feelings toward the other parent, and it may seem impossible to have a positive attitude about supervised visitation. However, it is important to remember that you both care about your children, and that children benefit from having two parents in their lives.