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Outpatient Addiction Program

Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient addiction Services

Recovering from drug or alcohol addiction is an on-going process. Addiction and recovery are not just about a substance, but about a complex person with multiple concerns including the impact of mental health symptoms, developmental traumas, family relationships, environmental factors, and other obstacles to recovery. We provide person-centered and curriculum-based treatment and education to the recovery process.

We teach relapse prevention skills, emphasize lifestyle modifications, and encourage network and family involvement. 

Benefits from attending outpatient services:

                    • Educational and relapse-prevention sessions

                    • Process sessions

                    • Individual counseling

                   • Increased levels of autonomy

                   • Higher levels of flexibility in scheduling and treatment program design

                   • Freedom to maintain a presence at work, school or with family

                   • Lower cost than inpatient rehabilitation

                   • Effectiveness at treating mild to moderate substance use disorders